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Books for Bambinos Kicks Off National Reading Month

Little Egg Publishing revives project for local children in need

For kids in a hospital, hospice or a shelter, the gift of a book is a gift that continues to give every time a child reads it. Local author Judy Laufer has written two award-winning books that are available for corporations and individuals looking to give to kids in need this March through her “Books for Bambinos” program.

By launching the program at the beginning of National Reading Month, local children in need will be given the opportunity to read, laugh and learn. March is the month for kids to enjoy their favorite stories and come together through books.

“Where Did Papa Go?” is about a special relationship and grieving for a loved one who dies, exploring emotions that a young child may experience after the loss of a loved one.

“Last Night I Had a Laughmare” is the story of a topsy-turvy world which will make bedtime a magical time for children as they take a romp through “Gigglyville.” It turns nightmares into laughmares! Both books are written for ages three to seven.

“I wrote these books as a way to help children ease into sleep each night and deal with the difficult and confusing topic of death,” said Laufer. “Children in a shelter or hospital are grappling with fears and night terrors and these books help them cope with difficult situations.”

Books can be underwritten for several local organizations, including
• Phoenix Children’s Hospital/The Emily Anderson Center
• Ryan House
• Pajama Program (Delivering warm sleepovers and nurturing books to children in need)
• Ronald McDonald House
• Crisis Nursery

Additional nonprofits benefitting children may also be designated by donors. The “Books for Bambinos” program in 100-percent tax deductible.

Anyone interested in “Books for Bambinos” can visit or email Judy Laufer at [email protected] for more information.

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Little Egg Publishing is based in Phoenix and has two book titles under its helm: “Where Did Papa Go?” and “Last Night I Had a Laughmare.” Both award-winning books were written by Judy Laufer, for children ages three through seven to enjoy. For more information:

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