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Children’s books are a wonderful way to connect and experience new worlds with your child.

Kids & Parents love Little Egg Publishing Children's Books!

Kids & Parents love Little Egg Publishing Children’s Books!

The Little Egg Publishing Children’s books take the reading experience to a new level, with story lines that delve into issues that can sometimes be difficult to deal with. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy reading and learn about the dynamics of everyday life.

Our children’s books are loved by people all over, and they have the following to say:


“The story has a light rhyming to it that that my little ones enjoyed. “

Cassandra McCann, | Read Full Review

“This is a lovely book based around the characters that live in Giggleville”

Donna Maguire, | Read Full Review

“Simply put, this book is Dr. Seuss meets John Lennon’s “Imagine.””

Jessica Rodrigues | Read Full Review

“Dr. Seuss meets Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs; a delightful, silly, rhyming story sure to be read again and again for the youngest of readers. The silly names, the fun pictures, the rhyming and the colorful images all draw the reader into a story that is perfect for a fun-filled read to your child.
**Also take time to explore Giggleville, each page is a silly adventure sure to bring a smile if not a giggle to you and your students.”

Jennifer Szoch |

“I commend your creativity and would highly recommend these books for young children.”

Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Clinical Training | Gill University, Montreal , Que., Canada

“Children who are learning to read and talk will love “Last Night I had a Laughmare!” Test marketing has shown that picture art and rhymes blend beautifully for this age group. This story will not only hold the children’s attention, but give them the wonderful sensation that they are part of the story and frolicking with the characters. My grandchildren can’t get enough of these stories! I only hope that Judy Laufer creates more lovely tales like this one, as I am tired of being coaxed into reading the others over and over and over….”

Clive Cussler | New York Times Bestselling Author of American Adventure/Thriller Novels

“This book was great for capturing Tobin’s attention. It was funny, rhyming, and an easy read. It was the perfect length for a 4 year old and it kept his attention the whole time. The illustrations are colorful and even captured Noah’s attention and he’s only 7 months old! It was funny and I had so much fun reading it to my boys and giggling at the silly world of Gigglyville. This is a great book to add to any child’s book collection and would make a great gift this holiday season.”

Rachel DeMille |

“Looks like we may have the next Dr. Seuss! What an imaginative, creative and delightful story… We all know that laughter is the best medicine!”

Dr. Jeffrey L. Derevensky | Professor, School/Applied Child Psych

“Move over Dr. Seuss and make room for ‘Dr. Laufer!’ Okay, I don’t know whether J.E. Laufer is a doctor or not, but I can say with certainty that her new children’s bedtime adventure book, Last Night I Had a Laughmare, can be favorably compared to Dr. Seuss stories. Zany characters, crazy adventures, engaging rhyme and delightful illustrations––it’s everything a child would want in a picture book!”

Lynda Exley, co-author of Arizona Way Out West & Wacky and Arizona Way Out West & Witty | 2012 ONEBOOKAZ for Kids Winner

“Choices gets all five stars. It is a wonderfully inspiring story, one that reminds us that faith can move mountains.”

David McClendon | Read Full Review

“Grown up to become the married writer, J.E. Laufer, Judit explains that she titled her book Choices because all along the road to freedom, the Egett family had to make choices, any one of which could have changed the course of their lives.”

Donald H. Harrison | Read Full Review

“Judy Egett (J.E.) Laufer promised herself that she would complete her first novel about a pivotal event in her parents’ lives before her mother, Kati, turned 90 on May 15. Not only did Laufer complete the novel, “Choices: The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom,” it is officially being released on her mother’s birthday.”

Janet Perez | Read Full Review

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