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Parents... "Scrambling" to keep updated, fears, phobias and nightmares.

Parents… “Scrambling” to keep updated, fears, phobias and nightmares.

  • Someone we love died today …what do I tell my child??
    Experiencing death of a loved one is never easy and it is especially difficult when explaining death to young children. Young children don’t really understand the finality of death. Adults sometimes have difficulty with this concept as well. Click on the title above to read the whole article.
  • Parenting and Child Health Website on Nightmares
    Bad dreams and nightmares are common amongst young children. This article describes nightmares and night terrors and how to support young children to manage these fears.
  • Parenting Counts Website
    A simple article describing nightmares and night terrors with tips for supporting young children through these fears and anxieties.
  • Parenting and Child Health Website on Nightmares
    Fears, worries and phobias are described with strategies to help young children at various ages. A detailed overview. Australia
  • Children’s Health Guide: Newborn to Preteen
    When should my baby see a doctor? How does bullying affect my preteen? What medications are potentially dangerous for children? These are common questions parents have as their children reach different stages of their growth and development.
  • Nurturing Young Minds: Practical Strategies for Enriching Childhood
    This comprehensive Little Egg Publishing guide offers various engaging and mindful activities. Each is designed to rejuvenate and stimulate young minds and set them on a path toward a brighter, more fulfilling future.
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