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About Little Egg Publishing

Little Egg Publishing is a children’s bookpublisher that focuses on powerful, educational children’s stories that both parents and kids can enjoy.

How Little Egg Publishing was “hatched” happily ever after… The story of J.E. Laufer and the Little Egg Publishing Company

Where did Papa go? a book by Little Egg Publishing

Once upon a time, a young woman named Judy Egett Laufer or “J.E.” for short, decided to write a children’s book because she loved poetry, rhyme, and children. She wanted to write a story about her wonderful father, who had recently passed away. It needed both to be written in a language suitable for children and also to capture their feelings.

After she finished writing, J.E. looked and looked for someone to publish her book. Although she kept hearing, “Not now, not yet, maybe soon,” she knew her dad’s story should be told. Unwilling to give up, young J.E. decided to self-publish. She created a publishing company of her own, and called it “Little Egg.” Since her maiden name was “Egett,” the name seemed fitting!

J.E.’s first story was called Where Did Papa Go? and she looked and looked for someone to help her get started in the publishing business.

As for the story of Little Egg Publishing , it had a very happy ending. “Hatching” new titles of rhyming, uplifting picture books for children ages 3-8.

J.E. has more delightful books coming soon!

Judy Laufer

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