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Once upon a time, a young woman named Judy Egett Laufer or “J.E.” for short, decided to write a children’s book because she loved poetry, rhyme, and children. She wanted to write a story about her wonderful father who had just passed away.

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Have Faith Mission

February marked the 7th year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took the lives of about a million civilians, and left 1/10th of the population without a home. We were honored to fund Little Egg...

Someone we love died today …what do I tell my child??

Experiencing death of a loved one is never easy and it is especially difficult when explaining death to young children.  Young children don’t really understand the finality of death.  Adults sometimes have difficulty with...
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We know kids love our books. But what is everybody saying about them? Here are reviews and testimonials from those who’ve read and enjoyed the Little Egg Children’s Books.

  • "The story has a light rhyming to it that that my little ones enjoyed. "

    Cassandra McCann, cassandramsplace.com | Read Full Review

  • "This is a lovely book based around the characters that live in Giggleville"

    Donna Maguire, donnasbookblog.wordpress.com | Read Full Review

  • "Simply put, this book is Dr. Seuss meets John Lennon's "Imagine.""

    Jessica Rodrigues | Read Full Review

  • "Simply put, this book is Dr. Seuss meets John Lennon's "Imagine.""

    Jessica Rodrigues | Read Full Review

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About the author

Judy Egett Laufer “J.E.”

Judy is an award-winning children’s book author. Laufer spent over a decade as a kindergarten teacher and her books are inspired by the innocence and imagination of children. Her goal was to create colorful books that children and parents will have fun reading. J.E. has a degree in child development and all her stories will teach valuable lessons within the silly rhyming text. You will find her books really are… Reading 4 Fun and Fun 2 Read!
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Judy Egett Laufer "J.E."

Our Books are Proudly Printed and Assembled in the U.S.