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The true story of a family fleeing communist Hungary to find “home” in a “free” country. Their struggles and the “choices" they must make along the way. It is also a story about a young 16 year old girl who invites these strangers / immigrants into her home when they have nowhere to go. One person can make a difference – even a young person. The story is a post holocaust story, the parents both survivors, this plays a significant role the “choices” they feel compelled to make.

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Choices - Our Newest Book

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About the author

Judy Egett Laufer “J.E.”

J.E.Laufer (Judy Egett Laufer) was born in Budapest, Hungary and lived most of her life in Montreal, Canada. She is an award winning children’s book author of several picture books for young children. This is her first novel for YA/Adult audiences. She lives in the Southwest with her Husband and Son.

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Judy Egett Laufer "J.E."

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