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Read The Whole Megillah’s Interview of J.E. Laufer

Last year, I spent several months interviewing refugees from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 on behalf of the American Hungarian Foundation. When I received news of J.E. Laufer’s account of her Jewish family’s escape, I was immediately intrigued. Following is The Whole Megillah interview with Choicesauthor J.E. Laufer. The Whole Megillah (TWM): Why did you write and publish this […]

Books for Bambinos in Arizona Jewish Life Magazine

For children facing stressful situations,”can be a comforting reminder that someone cares. Local Jewish author Judy Laufer has steamed up with companies and individuals to give her two award-winning books to kids in need through her “books for bambinos” program. “I started this program as a way to help young children,” says Laufer, Who Especially […]

Have Faith Mission

February marked the 7th year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took the lives of about a million civilians, and left 1/10th of the population without a home. We were honored to fund Little Egg Books to the Have Faith Mission for children whose books were destroyed. The Have Faith Mission is a special project by […]

Someone we love died today …what do I tell my child??

Experiencing death of a loved one is never easy and it is especially difficult when explaining death to young children.  Young children don’t really understand the finality of death.  Adults sometimes have difficulty with this concept as well.  Death is a fact of life and at some point you as an adult may be faced […]

How have you made reading fun for kids in your classroom?

Everyone learns and processes information differently so why not try this trick in the classroom? Have the kids dictate or write simple stories. Tape record them speaking slowly and put just a few minutes worth on each side of the tape. Using their taped children’s stories, create games using their words from their stories. Games […]

Books for Bambinos Kicks Off National Reading Month

Little Egg Publishing revives project for local children in need For kids in a hospital, hospice or a shelter, the gift of a book is a gift that continues to give every time a child reads it. Local author Judy Laufer has written two award-winning books that are available for corporations and individuals looking to […]

Someone’s Ready for Valentine’s Day!

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